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Ai-KA Coffee & Tea is offering opportunities for those who aspire to start a coffee franchise and own their own outlet.

Join us in spreading warmth through the finest coffee and tea experiences. Turn your dream of owning a business in the coffee and tea industry into reality with Ai-KA Coffee & Tea.

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Ai-KA Coffee & Tea's Features


One of the brands under PT. Nanyang Food Management, with experience since 2019.

Other brands under Nanyang Food include Ai-CHA Ice Cream & Tea, ZHENGDA Chicken Steak, BaLiRen, and YuPinGe.


Partners are entitled to 100% of the profits earned from their business.


With coffee prices starting from Rp 11,000, we aim to ensure that everyone can experience the warmth of hope and tranquility from a cup of Ai-KA Coffee & Tea.


The exploration by Ai-KA Coffee & Tea's team has led to a diverse range of unique and original flavors. A distinct sensation in every sip, exclusively found at Ai-KA Coffee & Tea.


We want everyone enjoying Ai-KA Coffee & Tea to not just experience a moment briefly.That's why Ai-KA serves beverages in larger packaging.

Journey to Partnership

Store Concept

The design concept of Ai-KA Coffee & Tea store is intentionally simple, yet it creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. We believe that comfort is not necessarily synonymous with complexity; instead, it can be found in simplicity. Our coffee shop design is thoughtfully crafted to reflect this philosophy. Here's an example of how you could expand on the concept:


Area : 32m²

Include : sitting area, take away


Area : 44m²

Include : sitting area, take away, warehouse


Area : 32m²

Include : sitting area, takeaway


Area : 20ft

Include : takeaway, rest area, featured theme


What products does Ai-KA Coffee & Tea offer?
We offer a variety of coffee and tea beverages, pastry, and ice cream.
How does Ai-KA differ from Ai-CHA?

Ai-KA centers its focus on the realm of coffee, whereas Ai-CHA places emphasis on the combination of ice cream and tea.

Is it mandatory to purchase all equipment from Ai-KA Coffee & Tea?
Primary equipment that influences product standards and store operations must be acquired from the Ai-KA Coffee & Tea Head Office, such as coffee grinders, espresso machines, cash registers, and other necessary tools.
What are the advantages of Ai-KA Coffee & Tea?
Unique coffee and other beverage flavors, product differentiation, and affordable pricing for both consumers and partnerships
How is the training procedure conducted by Ai-KA Coffee & Tea?
Ai-KA Coffee and Tea will provide a maximum of 2 trainers to come directly to the partner outlet and conduct training for the staff. The training will last for 7 days, including the grand opening of the outlet.
What are the benefits for early joining partners
The first 50 partners will be exempted from partnership fees, two years of management fees, survey fees, and training fees
Ai-KA Coffee and Tea
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