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Ai-KA Coffee & Tea Takjil Promo

Last updated: 12 Mar 2024
Promo Serbu Takjil Ai-KA Coffee & Tea

Bored of the same old takjil menu? It's time to grab Ai-KA Coffee & Tea's takjil!

You can enjoy a bundle of frappe drink and ice cream for only Rp 20,000. Just choose your favorite bundle menu!
- Ai-Frappe Matcha & Ai-Scream Coco Taro
- Ai-Frappe Strawberry & Ai-Scream Coco Taro
- Ai-Frappe Mocha & Ai-Scream Coco Taro

This promo is only valid from 4 PM to 9 PM, from March 10th to April 9th, 2024. What are you waiting for? Go and grab Ai-KA Coffee & Tea's takjil now!

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13 Mar 2024
Ai-KA Coffee and Tea
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