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Getting to Know the 15 Most Loved Types of Coffee Drinks

Last updated: 4 Apr 2024
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It's undeniable that coffee has become an essential beverage for many people. In the morning, it might feel incomplete to start the day without a cup of coffee. Even during the day or in the afternoon, some people continue to consume coffee for various reasons. Some seek it out when feeling tired, while others have made it a daily habit. Moreover, the variety of coffee drinks available today is increasingly diverse and easily accessible at the nearest coffee shop.

For the average person, all coffee might seem the same. However, different types of coffee drinks entail different ingredients and presentations. Each type has its own distinct characteristics and flavors. This variety is what attracts an increasing number of coffee enthusiasts from various backgrounds and ages. So, to ensure you don't order the wrong thing when you visit a coffee shop, make sure you know the differences among these types of coffee drinks!

1. Espresso

Espresso can be considered the foundation of most coffee drinks, from the simplest to the most complex. This type of coffee beverage is made by extracting the essence of real coffee beans.

Initially, the coffee beans are ground into a fine powder. Then, the coffee powder goes through a tamping process, where it is compacted. Afterwards, it is brewed under high pressure and temperature. As a result, espresso has a rich color, a thick texture, and a high level of caffeine.

2. Americano

Among the many types of coffee drinks, you're probably already familiar with this one, right? Americano is almost certainly available in every coffee shop. But do you know what Americano really is?

Americano is an espresso-based coffee drink mixed with hot water. Well, because it's mixed with water, this type of coffee drink has a lighter taste compared to pure espresso. In its serving, Americano coffee can also be served cold, commonly known as iced Americano.

3. Coffee Latte

a woman holding Coffee Latte drink from Ai-KA Coffee & TeaImage source: ai-kacoffee.com

For those of you who don't like strong coffee, you might want to try Coffee Latte. Also commonly known as Latte, this type is basically made with steamed milk mixed with espresso and a touch of milk foam.

Typically, Coffee Latte has more milk compared to its espresso content, with just a hint of foam on top. It results in a smooth coffee drink with a thick layer of foam that adds to its richness.

4. Café au Lait

Similar to Coffee Latte, Café au Lait is a coffee drink made from a mix of black coffee and milk, but in equal amounts or proportions. So, if you serve it with 50 ml of coffee, then the milk should also be 50 ml.

Unlike Coffee Latte, Café au Lait doesn't come with milk foam. This creates a drink with just the right balance of coffee and milk. You'll taste the coffee aroma, and the smooth milk adds to the perfect enjoyment.

5. Cappuccino

This type of coffee drink isn't much different from Coffee Latte, in fact, they have the same basic ingredients: espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. What sets them apart is the ratio of these three components. Cappuccino has an equal distribution of all three.

So, assuming it's all in one cup, you'll have espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. Consequently, cappuccino tends to have more and thicker milk foam compared to Coffee Latte. This creates a coffee milk drink with a sharper coffee taste and a thicker layer of foam on top. Additionally, some people usually sprinkle chocolate powder on top of the foam when making cappuccino.

6. Mocha

Mocha Coffee DrinkImage source: elements.envato.com (By Shaiith)

Next, there's the Mocha coffee drink. To make Mocha coffee, you'll need espresso, steamed milk, chocolate, and whipped cream. Typically, espresso and chocolate are served in equal amounts, while the milk is less. Then, whipped cream is added on top.

However, it all comes down to personal preference. Some also make Mocha coffee with more milk compared to espresso and chocolate. So, you can experiment according to your taste! One thing's for sure, the unique combination of aromatic coffee and milk, with the sweetness of chocolate, will keep you coming back for more.

7. Doppio

The term "doppio" originates from Italy, meaning double. Hence, Doppio is a coffee beverage made from a double shot of espresso. It's no wonder this drink boasts a stronger coffee flavor with a higher caffeine content. Typically, a serving of Doppio espresso measures 60 ml, making it perfect for true coffee enthusiasts.

8. Long Black

Similar to Americano, Long Black is made from espresso and hot water. You can adjust the proportions according to your taste, but typically Long Black has less hot water compared to Americano.

Now, the significant difference between Long Black and Americano is their serving method. To make Long Black Coffee, hot water is poured into a glass first. Then, the espresso is added next. This results in a stronger taste with a soft coffee crema on top. Meanwhile, in Americano, the espresso is served first, followed by hot water.

9. Macchiato

In Italy, 'macchiato' means 'stained' or 'marked.' When it comes to different types of coffee drinks, Macchiato can be defined as a coffee drink with a 'stain' or 'mark' in it. Don't worry, the 'stain' here doesn't mean dirt, but rather one of the ingredients of the Macchiato drink, which is added in small amounts.

Now, some of you might still be confused about what this means. To understand it better, you need to know that Macchiato is further divided into two types: Espresso Macchiato and Latte Macchiato. Both are made with espresso and steamed milk. If we describe these two types, Espresso Macchiato is a coffee drink with more espresso than milk, where the amount of milk is very little, serving as the 'mark' mentioned earlier.

Similarly, Latte Macchiato means it has more steamed milk, with a little addition of espresso as its 'mark.' Additionally, Latte Macchiato usually includes milk foam.

10. Vietnam Drip Coffee

a Vietnam Drip Coffee drinkSumber gambar: elements.envato.com (By Chalabala)

True to its name, this type of coffee originates from Vietnam. However, its presence is quite well-known and widespread in various countries, including Indonesia. It's no wonder you can easily find Vietnam Drip Coffee in many coffee shops around.

So, what exactly is Vietnam Drip Coffee? Vietnam Drip Coffee is a coffee-based drink with condensed milk, but what makes it unique and different from other types of coffee drinks is its serving method. This drink is served using a special coffee filtering tool called 'cà phê phin' or 'phin'.

During the brewing process, the coffee is slowly steeped using hot water to allow it to permeate through the layers of coffee sprinkled inside the phin. Then, the brewed coffee drips through the bottom of the filter. Initially, it used dark-roasted coffee. However, as times have changed, the types of coffee used have become more varied, catering to the preferences of coffee enthusiasts. Meanwhile, the condensed milk used aims to reduce the bitterness of the coffee.

11. Flat White

Flat White is a coffee drink composed of espresso and steamed milk with a thin layer of milk foam. You might wonder, what sets it apart from Coffee Latte?

Indeed, all the basic ingredients of both types of coffee drinks are the same. What sets them apart is the quantity of each ingredient. Flat White is typically served with a higher proportion of espresso compared to milk. Meanwhile, Latte has the opposite composition, with more milk than espresso.

Moreover, the milk foam on Flat White Coffee is usually minimal, sometimes even thin. Some recipes even do not include the milk foam altogether. Additionally, Flat White is often served in a smaller-sized cup compared to Latte.

12. Cold Brew

Coffee lovers who enjoy cold beverages will definitely appreciate this one. Served in a cold, Cold Brew Coffee isn't just made by adding ice cubes, you know! Its brewing process is rather unique and quite complex, with a relatively long duration.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it's not brewed using hot water, but instead cold water or regular room temperature water. That's why it's called Cold Brew. Then, the coffee is left to steep for approximately 8 to 24 hours, depending on the type of coffee used. The purpose of this brewing method is to produce a more concentrated coffee.

Furthermore, the extraction process without involving hot temperatures also results in lower acidity compared to coffee brewed with hot water. Once the steeping process is complete, you can pour the Cold Brew coffee into a glass through a filter, then add water or other ingredients according to your preference.

13. Affogato

Affogato Coffee DrinkImage source: elements.envato.com (By fahrwasser)

Do you like both coffee and ice cream? Well then, this coffee drink is perfect for you! Affogato is a coffee drink made from espresso, then topped with delicious ice cream.

Usually, this drink is served with a single shot of espresso. As for the ice cream flavor, vanilla is commonly used. Therefore, don't be surprised if the serving size is relatively small. The unique combination of a strong coffee aroma and the sweetness of the ice cream makes it unforgettable!

14. Cortado

Next, there's a Cortado coffee drink that you can enjoy. Cortado is a coffee beverage made from espresso and warm milk. Usually, the ratio or amount of both ingredients is balanced, at 50:50. This creates a smooth coffee drink with a rich coffee flavor and the indulgent creaminess of milk. Interested in trying it?

15. Romano Coffee

Combining coffee with milk or chocolate is quite common. But what about mixing coffee with lemon? It surely offers a unique taste, right? That's what Romano Coffee brings to the table.

Yes, Romano Coffee is a beverage made from a blend of espresso and freshly squeezed lemon juice, or sometimes just by dipping lemon slices into it. By trying this drink, you can experience the delightful aroma and distinct flavor of coffee with a refreshing touch of lemon.

The 15 coffee drinks mentioned above are just a fraction of the many coffee varieties in the world. With so many options, you can choose the one that suits your taste best. You can even explore more different coffee drinks and find your favorite.

Psst, you can taste various coffee flavors at Ai-KA Coffee & Tea! There are plenty of trendy coffee menu options that are delicious and addictive. So, what are you waiting for? Let's visit Ai-KA coffee shop or order through online food delivery platforms right away!

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