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6 Foods and Drinks With a Blend of Osmanthus Flowers

Last updated: 4 May 2024
tanaman bunga Osmanthus warna kuning

Image source: nature-and-garden.com

Perhaps not many people know about Osmanthus flowers yet, but they're really useful in the culinary industry. Osmanthus is a type of flower originally from China, belonging to the Oleaceae family. These flowers are pretty and sweet, with small-sized petals. They come in various colors, like yellow, white, creamy white, and even orange, depending on the type and environment they grow in.

Osmanthus flowers have a distinctive sweet fragrance that's refreshing. That's why they're often used as a key ingredient in many foods and drinks. Besides adding aroma and flavor, Osmanthus flowers also offer health benefits. In the past, they were relied upon for traditional medicine in China.

Nowadays, there are plenty of food and drink options that incorporate Osmanthus flowers to provide richer and unique flavors. Curious about what kind of foods and drinks use the Osmanthus flower? Let's dive in below!

1. Osmanthus Cake

First, we have Osmanthus cake. It's one of the most popular dishes that uses Osmanthus flowers. This cake is quite similar to other cakes, made with basic ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs, and such. However, what makes it unique and appealing is the addition of Osmanthus flowers to the mix.

These flowers are usually added to the batter to give the cake a fragrant aroma and distinctive taste. With its soft texture and sweet flavor, this dish is perfect for a relaxing afternoon snack. Some variations of Osmanthus cake you can try making include steamed Osmanthus sponge cake, baked Osmanthus cake, or Osmanthus chocolate marble cake.

2. Osmanthus Tea

Next, there's the aromatic and refreshing Osmanthus tea. Osmanthus tea itself has become popular in various Asian countries, especially in China and Japan. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, this type of tea is becoming increasingly available in tea shops, including modern tea cafes that serve it directly to customers.

This tea is typically made from green or black tea leaves brewed with dried Osmanthus flowers or their extract. Brewing tea with Osmanthus flowers creates a drink with a sweet and delicate floral aroma and a unique flavor.

Osmanthus tea is often served hot or warm. However, you can also enjoy it cold by brewing it first and then adding cold water or ice cubes. Besides being refreshing, Osmanthus tea also provides a calming sensation, making it perfect for enjoying in the morning or evening. If you're a tea lover, you definitely need to try Osmanthus tea!

3. Coffee with a Blend of Osmanthus Syrup

A woman enjoying Ai-Latte Osmanthus from Ai-KA Coffee & Tea

Image source: instagram.com/aika.officialindonesia

Curious about the taste of coffee with a blend of Osmanthus flowers? Well, then, you must try a coffee drink mixed with Osmanthus flower extract syrup! The combination of coffee and Osmanthus might sound unusual, but actually, their blend creates a drink with a uniquely delicious flavor. Just imagine the strong, rich taste of coffee paired with the fragrant Osmanthus flower syrup. Quite intriguing, isn't it?

You can also mix Osmanthus syrup with milk coffee or coffee latte, like the Ai-Latte Osmanthus menu from Ai-KA Coffee & Tea. The blend of the sweet-bitter taste of milk coffee and the gentle sweet aroma of Osmanthus flowers provides a satisfying drinking experience.

This drink can be served as an alternative to traditional coffee and often becomes a favorite for those who like to try new and different things. Coffee with a blend of Osmanthus syrup can also be served cold or hot, depending on your preference.

4. Osmanthus Pudding

You can also make pudding with a mix of Osmanthus flowers. The main ingredients needed are the same as regular pudding, such as water, sugar, gelatin, agar-agar, and any other additions you prefer. But, what makes this pudding different is, of course, the addition of Osmanthus flower extract, which makes it a more delicious, refreshing, and appealing dessert.

To make it even tastier, you can pair the pudding with a kind of custard made from Osmanthus flowers. Using your usual custard recipe, add Osmanthus flower extract for a more fragrant taste. If you want a stronger Osmanthus flavor, just add more extract. Similarly, you can increase the milk ingredients if you prefer a stronger milk custard aroma.

Osmanthus pudding is often served in various shapes and containers, from small cups to special molds shaped like flowers, animals, fruits, and more. For those who pay attention to aesthetics, you can also decorate it. Additionally, Osmanthus pudding can be modified with fresh fruits or various other toppings to enhance its flavor and appearance.

5. Osmanthus Mochi

Nowadays, mochi cakes come in various flavors. While they used to be just filled with beans or even without any filling, now mochi offers a range of fillings like chocolate, tiramisu, matcha, vanilla, and the most unique, Osmanthus flower flavor. The Osmanthus flavor of mochi can be served in two ways.

Firstly, Osmanthus flower extract is used as a filling mixed with other ingredients like sugar or finely ground nuts. Additionally, Osmanthus flower extract can also be blended with the sticky rice that forms the outer part of the mochi, so its aroma and flavor can be tasted in every bite.

The combination of chewy texture and sweet taste of mochi with the delicate aroma of Osmanthus flowers creates a satisfying eating experience. Moreover, Osmanthus mochi can be served in various ways, eaten directly, or enjoyed with ice cream or yogurt. The blend of traditional mochi flavor and Osmanthus flower aroma will surely keep you coming back for more.

6. Osmanthus Ice Cream

Another food that goes well with Osmanthus flowers is ice cream. In this case, you can make ice cream (usually vanilla flavor) directly mixed with Osmanthus flower extract or use the extract as a topping option for the ice cream, like jam or Osmanthus-flavored sauce.

The other main ingredients typically used are milk, cream, and sugar. Osmanthus ice cream has a smooth and creamy texture with a sweet and distinctive flavor. Its freshness makes it a popular choice in the summer or as a dessert after lunch and dinner. To make it even more appealing and delicious, you can add toppings like jelly, chocolate chips, wafers, red beans, or fruits.

Among all the foods and drinks with Osmanthus flower combinations above, which one makes you the most curious and eager to try? From cakes to coffee, using Osmanthus flowers in the culinary world provides an interesting and appetizing variety, especially for food enthusiasts who like to try something new. Enjoy trying them out!

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